Jazz dancing is a form that showcases a dancer's originality and is fun for all ages.

Jazz for all ages

Why Choose Jazz?

Today, jazz dance continues to evolve and blend with other dance styles. Jazz dancing showcases a dancer’s originality and is fun for all ages.

In a Jazz class, the dancers learn many fun and trendy dance steps that are used for all forms of dance. It is a wonderful class to get a well-rounded variety of all dance steps. Jazz includes strength, flexibility and conditioning technique with progressions including turns, kicks and leaps.

Dancers will learn choreography to popular and age-appropriate music of today along with vintage styles of jazz from past decades.

Professional, certified teachers in a warm, family atmosphere.

We have a strong family dynamic at HDA with all of our dancers and instructors. Our teaching style gives an opportunity for growth and development, not just as a dancer, but as an individual and a team member.